Elop says Microsoft is focused on consumers just as much as enterprise

Stephen Elop, Microsoft
Stephen Elop, Microsoft

AT&T stores in the US will carry the newly launched Lumia 830 in time for the holiday season, said Stephen Elop, Microsoft SVP of Devices and Servers, at CTIA 2014 in Las Vegas.

As work and personal lives intertwine, Elop said Microsoft will continue to try to appeal to consumers and enterprises rather than abandoning consumer devices and focusing on the enterprise.

Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first world, Elop said. The company, under new CEO Satya Nadella, is focused on helping people do more by providing platforms on mobile devices that can create emotional connections at home and simplify business tasks at work.

"We have to be great at both," he said. "We have to get both done."

Devices strategy

Microsoft wants to be the company that creates the hardware and software that puts the best experience into consumers' hands. From operating systems, to cloud storage, to hardware, Elop said Microsoft's vision will be the most powerful experience.

To improve the mobile experience, Elop said the Surface Pro 3 should be the tablet consumers use to replace their laptops. Tablets should empower people to not only consume content, but create it as well.

Microsoft is making the same argument for the Lumia 830, which Microsoft is calling "the first affordable flagship." Microsoft believes the 830 offers a better camera option than more expensive Apple and Samsung phones.