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LG upgrades Cookie with... Cooky

The LG Cooky... yes, she scares us too
The LG Cooky... yes, she scares us too

Sometimes you don't want to change a winning formula, but you have to change the product. Rather than sticking a boring '2' at the end, why not change the spelling like LG has with the Cooky?

Basically, this is a very similar phone to the LG KP500 Cookie, which sold over a million handsets, but with a 3D accelerator chip wedged in the back.

This means LG can put its super-quick S-Class interface on the KU9100 Cooky, with two chipsets for handling the graphics and the phone's functionality separately.


However, there's more than just a new bit of silicon under the hood, with 3.5G connectivity, a 3MP camera and a DMB-tuner for the Korean market, although word is this will be stripped for the European launch, as it's pretty useless for the UK.

There's also a TV-out port, and together with microSD support this will mean the handset is designed for some pretty serious multimedia viewing at a hopefully not-too-exorbitant price. It will also feature a WQVGA screen, meaning widescreen viewing will be possible too.

Word is it will be debuting in the second half of the year, though we haven't got a firm release date yet. Throwing the Korean press release through Google Translate has told us the phone will cost 50 Korean Won... which is about 20p over here, so there MAY have been some problems translating.

Via Softpedia