LG more transparent about GD900 details

LG's see-through phone gets May release
LG's see-through phone gets May release

LG announced today that its upcoming transparent mobile phone, the LG GD900, will make another appearance this year, this time at the CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas on 1 April.

As TechRadar reported back in February, the handset debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

While the news of a see-through phone wowed the crowds, actual details of the mobile's features were sketchy at best.

Gesture-controlled features

Luckily, the Korean manufacturer has let its guard down this time around and revealed that the handset will feature a 3-inch 'multi-touch' screen. This is said to increase on-screen readability, allowing for simpler zooming in and out of web pages.

The LG GD900 will also include something called 'Gesture Shortcut'. This new feature "enables users to configure their favourite shortcuts with simple gesture of a finger. For instance, users can write an 'M' on the touchpad and configure this command to run the music player."

The final snippet of feature news is that there will be a 'Touch Wheel' included. This "makes it easy to pause, play and rewind multimedia clips," according to LG.

The launch date of the handset has been narrowed down, too. We already knew that it would be out in Q2 this year – but now LG has revealed its launch will be in May.

First a watch phone, now a see-through handset - Q's suspicious disappearance from the James Bond movies makes complete sense now. He's working in the R&D department at LG!

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