Lenovo's new phone might boast a 46-day battery life

You have our attention

However much our smartphones improve in terms of power and style, it feels like battery life only gets worse. That's not a situation Lenovo is happy with, and the rumour is that its next P70t mobile will boast a crazy 46-day battery life.

Before you get too excited and throw out your portable charger we should point out that it looks like the 46-day figure is for standby time and based on some back-of-an-envelope calculations, so not an official statistic yet. Leaks from within the manufacturer suggest the phone will rock a 4000mAh battery (the iPhone 6 uses a 1810 mAh one, by comparison).

There's more to the forthcoming P70t than a beefy battery, though: the handset will also include advanced power-saving technologies and shut down all apps running in the background when you lock it, enabling you to eek out every last drop of battery juice.

The rumours come courtesy of Gizmo China, and the site says that the Lenovo P70t will measure 142mm by 71.8mm with a thickness of 8.9mm. Aimed at business users and available in black or white, the phone weighs in at 149g, according to the leaked information.

Off the grid

Also of note is the fact that the battery is removable, so you could in theory keep a spare with you and head off for 92 days of living off the grid if you fancy some solitude. The P70t will feature a 5-inch 720p OGS display screen and a 64-bit quad-core LTE processor if the documents seen by Gizmo China turn out to be on the money.

Lenovo does have previous form when it comes to building products with long-lasting batteries — the P780 also features a 4000mAh battery.

Let's hope the Chinese firm can come good on its promise to produce a phone that can go more than a month without needing a top up. It'll make for a hugely appealing handset if so.

David Nield
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