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iPhone eBooks offer 'DVD-like extras'

Random House offers eBooks for iPhone apps with 'DVD like' extras
Random House offers eBooks for iPhone apps with 'DVD like' extras
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Electronic readers are becoming increasingly popular, in addition to a range of iPhone and mobile e-reader applications, with major book publisher Random House now offering uniquely designed iPhone books.

Random House's new bestseller apps offer what the publisher calls a 'natural book-like experience' and work with both the iPhone and iPod touch – and you don't have to worry about downloading any other bit of software, because each one is sold as (and works as) a standalone application.

The advantage of this is that it is easier for the consumer and the iPhone eBooks are well presented and designed. The obvious disadvantage (to the consumer) is that each ebook costs around the same, if not more, than its paperback equivalent.

DVD-like extras

But if you are willing to shell out for your mini iPhone eBooks, then TechRadar highly recommends Stuart Maconie's dry northern wit in his latest Adventures on the High Teas. There are plenty of nice touches such as screen rotation, font adjustment, digital note-making, automatic bookmarking and so on (if you need to justify buying an iPhone app instead of the traditional paperback to yourself!).

What is more interesting are the DVD-like extras such as author interviews, videos, quizzes, animated graphic novels and so on. Though whether or not readers will be prepared to pay the premium for such extras or whether or not they will see them as mere gimmicks remains to be seen.

The first bunch of Random House book apps are available on the iTunes store now from £7.49 upwards.

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