iPhone 6S chip reportedly doubles LTE speeds, saves battery life

iPhone 6S rumors features faster speeds
iPhone 6S rumors includes features like faster speeds

Rumors indicate that the iPhone 6S won't look very different on the outside, but that Apple is keen on building it to be faster and more battery efficient.

The new iPhone is said to include a Qualcomm-made modem, the MDM9635M, which could double internet speeds, according to 9to5Mac looking at alleged prototype photos.

It could push LTE download speeds from the current 150Mpbs max to a new 300Mbps ceiling. That's likely faster than your at-home router's maximum download speed.

Of course, as 9to5Mac correctly points out, the speeds are likely to be much lower in real-life tests due to unfortunate limitations of cellular networks, and upload speeds are slated to stay the same.

iPhone 6S battery life hints

There are other hints in the leaked iPhone 6S prototype photos, and it's good news for anyone who has suffered from poor iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus battery life.

iPhone 6S rumors

What appears to be the iPhone 6S without any clothes on

Qualcomm's LTE chip is said to be more energy efficient, so leaving your home WiFi network won't put as much of a strain on the Apple smartphone.

Better yet, the purported iPhone 6S motherboard is also said to be smaller, which would give Apple extra room to fit a larger battery into the new phone.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 has a 1,810 mAh mAh capacity battery, while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has a 2,915 mAh battery.

By September, Apple could be competing with the 3,000mAh LG G4, 3,100 mAh OnePlus One, and 3,220 mAh Nexus 6.

Matt Swider