iPhone 6 is rumored for September 19

iPhone 6 release date touted again for September 19
Is an iPhone 5S price match on the cards?

We've already seen the September 19 date rumoured for the official iPhone 6 release date, and it's reared its head again so you might want to put a mark against that Friday in September.

The September 19 date has been supposedly confirmed by the Chinese media, although we still can't be 100 per cent sure that it's on the money.

If it does transpire to be correct we'd expect this to be the date that the iPhone 6 hits stores, with Apple's announcement coming earlier that week, or in the middle of the previous week, which is what has happened before.

Price match

It wasn't just the iPhone 6 release date the report leaked though, with possible pricing for the 4.7-inch handset also appearing.

According to the report the 32GB iPhone 6 could cost 5,288 yuan (around £500, $850, AU$900), which matches that of the 16GB iPhone 5S - is there a slight saving to be had?

A price for the 64GB iPhone 6 of 6,288 yuan (around £590, $1000, AU$1060) has also been put forward, which falls in line with the general storage inflation we're used to seeing from Apple.

There's no mention of the mooted larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in the report, so there's still a chance it may arrive at a later day after rumours suggested that production had been delayed.

From Laoyaoba via GforGames

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