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iPhone 5 specs already outed by Vodafone?

iPhone 5 specs already outed by Vodafone?
iPhone 5 - you little tease, you

Update: We've spoken to Vodafone and got a statement on the subject - apparently the network is 'looking into' how the listing happened.

Vodafone may have accidentally outed a few (admittedly obvious) specs of the new iPhone 5.

According to a listing for its SureSignal network enhancing box, the compatible phones briefly included reference to the iPhone 5 in 16GB and 32GB storage flavours, as well as 'confirming' the device would land in white as well as black.

Quite why a phone wouldn't be compatible with the box when it's got a different colour of chassis, we don't know, but Vodafone has seen fit to list all the options anyway.

Who knows?

The listing was only up briefly, but it was long enough for AppleInsider to notice and take a screenshot of the page before it was removed, clearly showing the iPhone 5 in the list of phones.

As mistakes go, it's a difficult one to work out - it's unlikely those in charge of simply filling in the 'Compatible Phones' section of the SureSignal page are involved in high level conversations with Apple, so this could have been a simple mistake of someone just getting in early.

We've spoken to Vodafone on the matter, and it promises it's 'looking into' the problem.