Vyke takes on mobile operators over VoIP

Vyke is developing a software upgrade to get around operators' VoIP service blocking

Mobile VoIP service provider Vyke has announced that it will release an upgrade to its software that will enable users to get around mobile VoIP blocking by mobile phone operators.

The move is a response to some mobile networks, including Vodafone , disabling VoIP functionality from VoIP-compatible handsets in their range. VoIP carrier applications and instant messaging applications have also been specifically excluded from some flat rate data usage packages.

Vyke is one of a growing number of mobile phone-based VoIP applications that lets mobile users make cut-price voice calls, send cheaper texts and use low-cost instant messaging. Vyke has recently signed a distribution deal with Wi-Fi network The Cloud to give Vyke users Europe-wide access to over 9000 hotspots and 16 large area metropolitan Wi-Fi networks.

Vyke has been highly critical of mobile operators which restrict the use of VoIP and other data services on their networks.

"The user should be able to do whatever they want with the phone as they have already signed a contract that guarantees the mobile operator sufficient revenues to justify them giving him or her the device in the first place," Tommy Jensen, executive chairman for Vyke Communications commented.

The Vyke Mobile IP upgrade to enable standalone VoIP capability is expected to be available for a range of mobile phones from the fourth quarter of this year.