In 2017, you can kiss goodbye to European roaming fees

Freedom to roam

Soon we can be as anti-social on holiday as we are at home, as the European Union has struck a preliminary deal to end roaming fees by June 15 2017.

The decision followed 12 hours of talks with EU lawmakers according to Reuters, and will mean that hopefully by mid-2017 you'll be able to travel to any of the 28 EU member nations and use your phone exactly as you would at home, with no bank-breaking fees.

It's a decision that's been a long time coming, as prior EU agreements had already aimed to lower the cost of roaming abroad and it's good news for, well, everyone, except mobile networks we suppose, and Three specifically as it will lose one of its main selling points.

Not so neutral net

Another seemingly positive outcome of the recent talks concerns net neutrality, as the EU apparently plans to order telecoms operators and ISPs to treat all internet traffic equally.

This agreement will come into effect in April 2016, but allowances for providers to set aside parts of their network for "specialised", "higher quality" services suggests the net might not be so equal after all.

It's a step in the right direction either way, but ambiguity like that suggests there could still be some favouritism in play, with certain users or sites getting superior speeds and services.

This all assumes we're even still in the EU by then, but it certainly gives us a couple more reasons to stay.

James Rogerson

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