HTC One Max on the cards as October launch announced

HTC One Max on the cards as October events announced
Get ready to go supersized

After yesterday's splurge of HTC One Max leaks, it feels the perfect time for HTC to stop playing the denial game and let us know when we'll be seeing the long-rumoured phablet.

It's not quite official confirmation but HTC has sent out invitations to an event on its home turf in Taiwan on October 18 for a big unveiling set to take place at 6pm local time.

However, it's also sent out invitations for an event in Hong Kong taking place on October 16, so that could be the one for your diaries. No word yet on whether there will be a live stream, but we'll let you know if we hear any different.

Fingers at the ready

Also of note is the following poem (translated) found on the invitations:

"One finger opens up big view
You are invited to immerse in the sound with us"

Sounds very much like a hint at that fingerprint scanner that we seem to already know everything about, while also referencing those BoomSound front speakers. Again, there isn't a direct reference to the HTC One Max, but we added 2 to 2 together and, funnily enough, out popped 4.

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