HTC One Max leaks again with Beats Audio pretty much confirmed

HTC One Max to rock Beats Audio
HTC One Max to rock Beats Audio

With the HTC One Max rumoured to be released later this month, October 17th to be exact, more details about the supersized device have emerged.

Despite the US government site's temporary shutdown, PhoneArena spotted a listing on the FCC database for a HTC phone under the model name 0P3P510.

Given the expected upcoming release of the One Max, and the mention of T6UL on the website - which is believed to be HTC's internal codename - we're expecting 2 and 2 to equal somewhere near 4.

Unfortunately the FCC file doesn't mention any specifications for the device, although Beats Electronics President and COO Luke Wood appears to have confirmed the companies inclusion in the handset to

Beats not yet over after HTC split

Speaking about the One Max, Wood says "We have a large-format HTC device out in the fall I don't even know if they've announced it yet – so we're still on that device."

Indeed this might not actually be the HTC One Max, so we'd suggest taking this with a pinch of salt, but with no other matching HTC devices rumoured, and constant health reminders, we wouldn't recommend too much.

Here at TechRadar we really hope this is true, after all, the HTC One managed to get 5 stars. Needless to say, we're edging off our seats as October 17 approaches.

Via GSMArena and PhoneArena