HTC One M9: where can I get it?

HTC One M9

Update 3/26: Some carriers - and HTC itself - have begun to announce their specific HTC One M9 release dates, and we've updated the article below with the most up-to-date info.

Update 3/18: HTC revealed during a Youtube presentation that the HTC One M9 will start to be available in the US on April 10, with the phone's actual release date varying by carrier.

The company also announced a new type of insurance for the device called an "Uh-oh" plan, by which they'll replace your phone for free if something really awful - water damage, smashed screen etc. - happens to it within the first 12 months.

And those who don't take advantage of the program get $100 toward the purchase of a future HTC phone.

That's about all we know for now, but we'll keep updating below with info from each carrier as it arrives.


Most sources won't get the phone until mid-April, but HTC announced that an unlocked version of the One M9 will go on sale at the company's website beginning at midnight on March 27 for $650.

The phone likely won't arrive on your doorstep before April 10, but buying directly from HTC is one of the earliest ways to pay for the One M9.

The official HTC site will also offer the carrier versions.


AT&T announced right off the bat that it intends to carry what it refers to simply as "the new HTC One."

Most recently the carrier revealed that it will offer pre-orders for the handset starting March 27, with units shipping and in stores April 10.

The carrier is selling the 32GB version in gold/silver and gunmetal grey for $708.99 upfront, $200 on-contract or $23.64, $29.55 or $35.45 on a 240, 28- or 12-month AT&T Next plan, respectively.


T-Mobile was also quick to announce its intent to support the HTC One M9, though it too had little else to share.

The un-carrier did share that its HTC One M9 will have Wi-Fi calling out of the box, however, and post the above video with a "first look" at the new HTC flagship.

T-Mobile says the HTC One M9 will launch "this spring," which shouldn't come as a surprise.


Sprint will begin offering the HTC One M9 for sale on March 27 along with AT&T and HTC itself, the carrier announced.

The carrier is highlighting its "Sprint Lease" program, by which customers can get the new HTC One for $20 per month or $30 per month with yearly upgrades. Either way it's no money down.

Sprint has yet to share the full price of the One M9, but based on AT&T and HTC's prices it's probably between $650 and $700. We'll update when we know more.


Verizon, unsurprisingly, is coming to the HTC One M9 bandwagon a little late.

It's still releasing the new HTC One on April 10, but Big Red's One M9 doesn't go up for pre-order until April 1 - no fooling.

The phone will be available from Verizon in gold/silver or gunmetal grey for $200 with a two-year contract or 24 months of $25 payments with Verizon Edge, the carrier announced.

US Cellular and beyond

Currently that's all the info we have for the HTC One M9, as US Cellular - the other biggest US carrier - has yet to announce anything.

When it does, we'll update this article, so be sure to check back later.

However HTC did share a few other sources for the One M9: it will be available at Best Buy, Target, Costco and Amazon too, with release dates varying.

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