HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat update will miss its mark

The HTC One will soon get its chocolatey KitKat update, despite delays

HTC hoped to get the HTC One Android 4.4: KitKat update out to customers within 90 days of the update's release - in other words by the end of January - but the company has revealed that it won't hit that mark.

HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie has issued a letter addressed to "Team HTC One" apologizing to consumers and explaining the situation.

He said that although the HTC One KitKat update is close to being released, it won't occur within the prescribed 90 days simply because "the software development process does not always follow a linear path."

The update is currently in the carrier certification phase across all HTC's carrier partners in North America, according to Mackenzie, and should hit users in a week or two.

To be a leader

He said that HTC has "set out to be a leader in delivering the latest software," starting with the rollout of Android Jelly Bean for the HTC One.

HTC even launched a website in December explaining how the update process works, the path an update takes to get to your phone, and the status of the next software updates for various HTC devices on multiple carriers.

"Having done 'ok' with software updates, we recognize that 'ok' is not good enough," Mackenzie wrote in his recent communiqué.

He continued, "The challenge we gave our teams, in cooperation with our carrier partners, has taught us a lot that will allow us to improve on our upgrade delivery in the future. We remain resolved to provide timely updates and to be transparent about the process and status of our efforts. Supporting our customers is a major priority for us and we thank you for your support of HTC!"

He concluded the missive with a "Go Seahawks!"

So it seems HTC One owners should watch out for their KitKat bars in the next couple weeks.

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