HTC enlists helicopter, probably Iron Man in likely HTC One Max tease

HTC One Max Vine teaser
We heard it through the grape-Vine

HTC has made some in-roads into becoming a bigger part of the Android picture with the HTC One, but as we've been hearing for months, its plans don't end there.

In addition to the HTC One Mini and the HTC One Google edition, the Taiwanese company has been rumored to be developing a large-scale version of its flagship to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

While there have been numerous reports and leaks about the HTC One Max, there's been nary an official word from the manufacturer about its prospective phablet.

However, instead of playing coy and denying rumors every step of the way, HTC added fuel to the fire with a short video posted today, which alludes to "big" things being on the horizon.

Here's to change

The brief teaser, posted to HTC's official Vine and Instagram, features a helicopter flyover of a coastal city, where a mysterious man in glasses carrying a briefcase exits a helipad, and high-fives another mystery man in a suit.

The man strikes a very Robert Downey Jr. stride, however when we asked HTC for official word on whether we're indeed seeing Iron Man in his first HTC spot, the company told us it doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.

Robert Downey Jr.


HTC cross-posted the video to its Twitter, with the line, "Big things ahead," which goes well in hand with the video's actual tag line, "Here's to change." The HTC One Max's screen is expected to cut a 5.9-inch figure.

You may remember that before the HTC One Mini was announced, the company came out with a clever infographic highlighting little things that "pack a big punch." HTC certainly seems to be perfecting the art of the wink-wink tease.

We have more than an inkling Samsung will show off the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA 2013 in September, but HTC's tease gives us hope we won't have to wait much longer to learn the truth about the HTC One Max either.

Update: HTC posted a YouTube clip showing some slightly different footage than the Vine short. Here, we get a prolonged look at a fellow who could easily be Tony Stark's back double...if it isn't him already: