Has EE's pricing hampered 4G take-up?

EE's 4G adoption has been slow and steady
Slow and steady wins the race, right?

4G adoption in the UK hasn't been lightning fast for EE, the first network to make it available.

Britain's first 4G network launched at the end of October promising super-fast internet on the move, but its contracts came at an eye watering cost.

Despite extensive advertising for the service and various added extras for those with an EE 4G contract (such as access to EE Film), uptake has been less than stellar.

The network gained 201,000 new postpaid customers added in the final quarter of 2012. That figure represents both 3G and 4G contracts, so the firm's 4G uptake will be lower - a figure which isn't documented in the results.

The future's bright, and possibly cheaper

EE has an ambitious roll out plan in place and aims to have 98 per cent of the country covered by its 4G network by the end of this year, with 55 per cent of the UK population enjoying the super fast speeds by the end of June.

The network, which also oversees Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, may need to revisit its prices plans later this year when other networks launch rival 4G services.

Three has already announced its surprisingly affordable 4G plans for later this year, saying that its contracts won't cost any more than its current 3G tariffs - which would blow EE's pricing out of the water.

For the time being, though, EE has the 4G arena to itself and it will want to capitalise as much as possible before O2, Vodafone and Three enter the fray.

John McCann
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