Hands on: ViewSonic ViewPad 4 review

Under the hood, we're looking at a 1GHz processor, which doesn't exactly whip along – we encountered a little bit of lag in launching applications.

The keyboard isn't badly laid out, but if the touchscreen was more responsive we'd have been able to type a darn sight faster – it really lets the handset down when it comes to speed and precision.

ViewSonic viewpad 4 review

We do rather like the Smart Switch function, which enables you to change between a home and work set up, something we've seen before on a number of Symbian devices.

ViewSonic viewpad 4 review

It can also be set as a location-based tool, using GPS to determine which settings it should be using.

ViewSonic viewpad 4 review

As ususal with Android, the Home screens can be customised to your liking and the small helicopter view gives you an at-a-glance look at the overall layout.

ViewSonic viewpad 4 review

The five-megapixel camera on the back of the handset is not the best we've seen; there doesn't seem to be much image stabilisation built-in, and our shots tended to look quite noisy on the screen. The ViewSonic Viewpad 4 is also capable of recording 720p video, but since we weren't able to test the HDMI-out, we can't vouch for its quality on the big screen.

All in all, the Viewpad 4 isn't a bad handset, and it's a definite boon that it will ship in May with the cream of the Android smartphone OS versions, but those craving a high-end experience may find themselves disappointed.

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