Google Play 4.0 could be new look app store arriving with Key Lime Pie

Google Play 4.0 could be new look arriving with Key Lime Pie
The same, just cleaner and more image focussed

It's been a while since Google seriously overhauled the Play Store, but it looks like version 4.0 (we're currently on 3.10.14) is about to grace us with its presence.

The biggest change to date was when the search giant switched the name from Android Market to Google Play and implemented a major design revamp which gave us the building blocks of the store we have today.

A video posted by DroidLife appears to show Google Play 4.0 running on a Nexus 4 handset, and while there are a few differences it doesn't look like a game-changing update.


Version 4.0 is still in development which means the preview shown in the video is missing some key parts - including the main landing page - but it looks like Google has tidied up the store.

Google Play 4.0 - LEAK

Credit: DroidLife

Lists of apps look cleaner with larger icons making Google Play visually more appealing - although the down side of this is you get fewer results on screen at a time so you may find yourself doing some additional scrolling.

The frustrating "thanks for downloading" screen which you're currently pushed to every time you treat yourself to a new app looks to have been abolished in version 4.0, providing a more efficient user experience.

Other tweaks include various buttons receiving a little overhaul and app info pages getting cleaned up with a smarter design and larger icons.

There's no word on when Google will push out Play store 4.0, but we could well see it officially announced alongside Key Lime Pie at the Google I/O event in May.

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