Make your own mobile phone games

If you're bored of the games available for your mobile phone and fancy yourself as a games designer, then you might be interested to hear that Nokia is set to introduce a ‘make your own game’ style service called ‘Yamake’ for the rejuvenated N-Gage platform.

Yamake (‘ya make’, geddit?) will let players create their own games from a range of mini games “by adding content, then playing and sharing them with friends and the wider Yamake community,” according to Nokia’s press release just in.

Dr Mark Ollila, Nokia’s elaborately-titled director of Technology and Strategy and head of Games Publishing says of the service: “Yamake is a groundbreaking new game for the N-Gage platform. Players can make, play and share games that are customized using user-generated multimedia content, and we are proud to be pioneering this new way of playing.

The future of mobile gaming

Ollila added: “This is exactly what the future of mobile gaming should be about – creating games that you love and want to play, then sharing them with other players.”

From the info we received from Nokia's press office today, it seems that Yamake will focus upon simple games such as personally customised picture puzzles and quizzes.

Players will also be able to share their mini games via the N-Gage Arena, the Yamake community and via multimedia message between N-Gage compatible and other S60 devices.

It’s an intriguing idea, on paper at least, and we look forward to getting a hands on with the service very soon.

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