Fujitsu Arrows A charges in 10 minutes for a full day's use

Fujitsu Arrows A SoftBank 301F charges in 10 minutes for a full day's use
The future of battery tech is here

It's hardly got the catchiest name on the planet, but the Fujitsu Arrows A SoftBank 301F smartphone does have a neat party trick when it comes to battery life.

Fujitsu claims you'll be able to plug the SoftBank 301F in for just 10 minutes and it will have recharged enough to give you a full day of usage.

In 10 minutes the 301F can regain over 30% of its battery capacity, and when fully charged Fujitsu reckons you'll get up to three days use from the 2600mAh power pack.

So how is the Arrows A SoftBank 301F eke out so much life from the battery considering it's got a 5-inch full HD display, 2.2GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM? Well Fujitsu has done some clever stuff with the screen.

Screen saver

The TFT LCD display actually has its own RAM embedded in it which stores screen data and reduces power consumption when viewing static images.

That's all well and good if you're reading an article on a website or looking at a picture, but we fear as soon as you stick on an HD movie we will be back to the normal battery draining issues.

The SoftBank 301F has also been treated to the Fujitsu Human Centric Engine technology, which sounds incredibly fancy, but in reality means the phone constantly monitors your environment and activity and adjusts settings accordingly to eek out as much battery life as possible.

If you fancy fine tuning your power saving settings the 301F also comes with Fujitsu's NX!eco application, allowing you to tinker to your hearts content.

The Arrows A SoftBank 301F is highly unlikely to ever make it out of Japan, but it's the fancy new battery tech we're really interested in here and we could see it creep into more handsets in the future.

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