First BlackBerry 10 devices leaked in video

First BlackBerry 10 devices leaked in video
As RIM's D-day draws nearer we get a peek at the handsets

We've potentially had our first glimpses of the two BlackBerry 10 devices tasked with reigniting the ailing Canadian firm.

A video popped up on Vimeo and it's reported to show the BlackBerry L series and BlackBerry N series handsets; however it's now been removed - funny that.

The L series handset, rumoured to be the BlackBerry London, is a full-touchscreen device, with a tall, slender display – not that dissimilar to the iPhone 5 – and obviously running the


operating system.

BlackBerry 10 handsets

Credit: CrackBerry

Key to success

However RIM's most famous products are its full QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry smartphones and it will be continuing this trend with its BB10 devices.

The first N series handset, also known as the BlackBerry Nevada, featured in the leaked video sports the famous BlackBerry Bold style keyboard, however the menu keys and centralised trackpad have been removed.

This is because BlackBerry 10 is a completely on-screen experience, much like Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so physical menu keys are not required.

BlackBerry 10 N series

Credit: CrackBerry

Internal promo?

The video itself talks about RIM's plan to pass a BlackBerry 10 device around a group of people, including celebs such as Lady Gaga and J.K Rowling, with each person getting a day to "do something amazing" with the phone.

These experiences will then be used to help launch the L and N series handsets at the start of 2013 – so it all sounds pretty legit and the speedy removal of the clip suggests someone has had a word with its editor Rob Jury.

Although we can't be 100 percent sure this is indeed an internal RIM video, the handsets shown in the clip do fall in line with previous leaks and rumours.

From CrackBerry via Slash Gear

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