Don't count on the iPhone 7 having an AMOLED display

iPhone screen

An well-regarded analyst has dismissed whispers that Apple could be switching to AMOLED instead of LCD screens for the iPhone 7.

Rumors of Apple switching over to OLED tech for its handsets popped up about two weeks ago, but according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple won't adopt AMOLED screens for iPhones until at least 2019.

Kuo noted that Foxconn will be building a sixth-generation LTPS TFT-LCD production line in Zhengzhou, China, with mass production scheduled to start in 2018. Kuo believes this is to prepare for future orders of TFT-LCD screens for iPhones, not OLED ones.


While the Apple Watch sports an AMOLED screen, iPhones have consistently touted LCD displays, which can theoretically achieve a higher level of brightness across the whole screen, as LCD displays use a backlight to light up pixels.

LCD screens are also a little cheaper to produce, as well as offering better performance under sunlight.

Meanwhile, OLED display pixels create light on their own, which generally allows for a greater contrast ratio, delivering truer blacks, as it can completely turn off pixels when needed, but cost a little extra.

Of course, we suggest taking all these rumors with a grain of salt, especially considering we're nearly a year away until the launch of iPhone 7.

Via AppleInsider