Classic comic strips for mobiles

ROK Comics can deliver a range of comic strips to mobile phones

Classic comic strips are coming to UK mobile phones with the launch of ROK Comics ' new downloadable service.

ROK Comics is lining up a range of material from Manga and Sci-Fi comics to old classic strips including Garfield, Doonesbury and Ninja Turtles. These can be selected from the ROK Comics website and delivered to your phone via MMS.

As well as offering mobile users a selection of comics to download, ROK Comics has also introduced a DIY service for creative comic fans to put together their own strips.

The ROK Comics 'FreeFall Comics' service is an advanced Flash-based web service. It enables users to create strips using their own photos and ready-made characters and backgrounds from ROK Comics. These can be sent to mobile phones and via email.

Delivery vehicle for comics

ROK Comics users can sign up for a subscription or pay per download. As well as launching a consumer service, ROK Comics is opening the service up for publishers who may want to offer free trailers of comic strips.

"The mobile phone is the perfect delivery vehicle for comics. The back lighting provides incredible vibrancy and the MMS presentation format we have chosen works across almost all phones and network operators," commented ROK Comics managing editor, John Freeman.

The ROK Comics website is moving from Beta to live this month. Some of the content will be free to download and some will be charged - full pricing details are still to be confirmed.