World's smallest satnav fits on your keyring

The Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF III receiver really is small enough to fit onto your keyring

There's no risk of leaving this satnav system behind the next time you set off for a drive - the Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF III receiver is so small it'll fit on your keyring.

Made by Freedom Input, the Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF III receiver is claimed to be the smallest GPS receiver available. Weighing just 30g, it's compact enough to attach to your keyring - or even better, the key fob attached to your car keys.

The Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF III receiver uses Bluetooth technology and can connect with smartphones and PDAs to provide location data for their navigation software.

The satnav unit has a 10-hour battery life and can be charged either via the mains or using the supplied 12-volt adaptor. It's compatible with most software packages, including The AA, Active Pilot, BlackBerry Maps, CoPilot Live 6, Destinator 6, Gate 5,Google Maps, Mapquest, Memory Map, Navigation Mobile, Navman, Nokia/Smart2Go, Navicor, Route 66, Spot, Telenav and Wayfinder.

It costs £60 and is available now.

Key specifications:

  • SiRF Star III chipset
  • 20 channels "all-in-view" tracking
  • NMEA 0183/GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GLL protocols
  • 57.6kbps baud rate
  • L1, 1,575.42Mhz frequency
  • 159dBm tracking sensitivity
  • 10m position deviation
  • 0.1 m/sec velocity
  • Rechargeable 450mAh Lithium Polymer battery, 10 hrs battery life
  • Internal ceramic patch antenna
  • MMXC connection for external antenna
  • 39 x 33 x 20mm 30g
  • Connection to PDAs, smartphones and BlackBerrys via Bluetooth Version 2.0 Class II
  • 10m range, using Serial Port Profile (SPP)