Ultra-cheap mobile satnav system on sale

The MyMobile Satnav solution from The Carphone Warehouse and Jentro is the cheapest GPS offering around

The cheapest mobile phone satnav package yet seen in the UK - costing under £40 - has gone on sale in The Carphone Warehouse .

The Carphone Warehouse and satnav company Jentro have launched the low-cost MyMobile Satnav system for just £39.99. The system, which is compatible with a wide rage of Bluetooth -enabled mobile phones, comprises a small, lightweight Bluetooth GPS receiver unit and a satnav software application.

Unlike some satnav packages, where users get all the maps and navigation information installed on a high-capacity memory card, the Jentro package uses a remote server-based system.

Satnav information and mapping is downloaded over the air when needed. And users are provided with the latest information on road traffic conditions and safety camera updates.

Jentro service

Users pay a subscription charge to the Jentro service to receive map info; 1 month of unlimited UK usage costs £4.99, while a year's subscription costs £49.99. An alternative non-subscription, per-journey option is being introduced later this year, which is expected to cost 79p per route. The MyMobile Satnav service includes 31 days free unlimited UK usage as part of the purchase price.

"Satellite navigation is the new must-have product now that most people have music players and cameras on their mobile phones," commented Duncan Pickering, Head of In Card Solutions, The Carphone Warehouse.

"Jentro will help us add significant value for our customers by providing them with an easy to use GPS solution that is extremely competitively priced in the UK."