Camping and countryside fun for GALAXY S4 users

This is why Samsung has come up with the GALAXY S4 Active.

The S4 Active is wrapped in a tough outer case that is designed to absorb shock and shrug off damage that might break a normal smartphone. It is also IP67 rated, meaning it's both dustproof and water resistant in depths up to a metre. You can actually drop the S4 Active into a bath of water and it will come out unharmed. Even the headphone jack is water resistant, without the need for a special cover.

The rear camera of the S4 Active is a respectable 8 megapixels and features a special Aqua Mode that enables you to take pictures underwater, automatically correcting for the distortion and light diffraction.

Samsung GALAXY S4 camping apps

Rugged case - the Otterbox Defender

£39.99 - buy it here

The GALAXY S4 Active may be a tough cookie but wrapping a regular S4 in a rugged case, such as the Defender, can also provide extra protection for outdoor pursuits.

The Defender completely encases the S4 to provide dust, shock and splash resistance while keeping the responsive touch screen usable through a thin but tough protective layer.

Samsung GALAXY S4 camping apps

Solar charger - the PowerFreaks 2500 Solar Charger

One significant problem facing anyone who wants to use a smartphone while camping is how to keep the battery charged.

The GALAXY S4 has a really good battery life. Luckily, for those occasions when you eventually run low of mobile power, there are some great accessories available that can help keep you at full capacity.

For good weather, solar chargers such as the PowerFreaks 2500 Solar Charger (£49.99) can fully charge your GALAXY S4 using just the power of the sun. It can store power in its internal battery too, so you can expose it to the sun's rays all day and use it to charge your S4 up after dark.

Samsung GALAXY S4 camping apps

Hand-cranked charger - the Eton BoostTurbine 2000v

If the weather is a little more, shall we say, British, then a better option might be a hand-cranked mechanical charger such as the Eton BoostTurbine 2000v (£44.90). This eco-friendly gadget will turn your elbow grease into electricity – perfect for keeping you topped up at night or on a rainy day.