BT returns to mobile with great value 4G

BT returns to mobile with great value 4G

BT has stepped back into the mobile phone market by launching its new network, BT Mobile, offering up its best deals for existing BT broadband customers.

The network is launching with three SIM Only 12 month contracts, offering 4G internet with unlimited access to all five million BT Wi-Fi hotspots scattered around the country.

BT Broadband customers will get discounted deals kicking off at just £5 per month. That gets you 500MB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes every month. For those not currently a BT Broadband customer you'll need to shell out a still reasonable £10 every month.

Cheap as chips

You can also get 2GB of data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes a month for £17 (or £12 per month if you're on BT Broadband) or an almighty 20GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes for £25 with the price dropped to £20 for existing customers.

BT Mobile users will also get free access to BT Sport through the BT Sport app as well as features such as spending caps or moving to different contracts with no penalties.

Each contract will last 12 months and will be compatible with existing phones. BT is also selling four new 4G handsets from £99 (with a discount code), the Huawei Ascend Y550, Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Galaxy S5.

TechRadar spoke to Kelly Barlow, Director of Voice and Mobile at BT, who said "It's great to say we can offer the UK's best 4G plan. It's good for those who thought 4G was expensive but they now have the opportunity to get it for a low amount."

We also asked whether BT will be looking to update its device portfolio and she confirmed it'll be looking to "refresh the range" and will certainly look into the adoption of new flagship products including the iPhone.

As for further SIM Only deals it's unlikely as Barlow said, "we think the simplicity of the portfolio works well."

It was announced late last year that BT would buy EE for £12.5 billion in an attempt to get back into the mobile game after selling O2 back in 2005.

It is an interesting step for BT to begin selling handsets and even just stepping into contracts itself right before the EE deal is finalised.

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