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Beats Audio coming to HTC Windows Phones

Beats Audio coming to HTC Windows Phones
Beats audio to take a Windows Phone bow

HTC has confirmed it's working on bringing its newly-acquired Beats headphones with the Windows Phone 7 range.

The company only said 'We're working with Beats to enable [its use on Windows Phone]" but didn't give any more details, such as timescale or model.

It's possible that the firm will take the same line as it did with its recent HTC Sensation XE release, where it simply brought out a higher-spec version of the original Sensation with Beats power and branding.

HTC Titan XE?

It would make sense to see something like the HTC Titan become Beats-enabled, given its larger screen and faster processor, but similarly HTC could bring out another Windows Phone device altogether, designed from the ground up with enhanced audio.

One main hurdle the company would have to overcome to make a Beats-enabled Windows Phone handset would be the way the OS currently handles audio enhancement - users currently have to jump out of the music player to the main settings menu in order to enable it, which is convoluted to say the least.

The Sensation XE needs Beats headphones to activate the special profile within the phone, so the switch could become automatic, but we wouldn't hold our breath given the way Windows Phone has handled such enhancements in the past.

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