Ballmer: We wanted to set a Windows Phone mile-post

Ballmer shows off his Windows Phone
Ballmer shows off his Windows Phone

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer clarified the reasons behind announcing Windows Phone 7 Series months before it will hit the market – and admitted he was hoping that the number seven would continue to prove lucky for the company.

Following the success of Windows 7 on PCs, Ballmer took to the stage at Mobile World Congress to introduce Windows Phone 7 Series – and explained why it was not arriving until the end of 2010.

"Our plan is to have Windows Phones in the market by the end of year - holiday season 2010," clarified Ballmer.

"Because we'll be sharing work so broadly… we thought it was important to get out and show you what we have rather than have it drip and drap out with various leaks.

"We wanted to set a mile-post at Mobile World Congress and you can look forward to a lot of information coming out about Windows Phone.

"We'll be in market with this new generation of phones with our operator partners for Christmas of this calendar year 2010."

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Lucky number 7

Ballmer talked about the direction Microsoft was taking with its latest announcement, and the integration of things like Zune, Xbox, Bing and Windows.

"I hope just across the board you will now have something of a sense of the direction that we're taking taking, added Ballmer. It's a step - a big step – and the chance to share this new generation of windows phones with you was building on the concepts of Windows, of Bing and Office and Zune and Xbox.

"We really do have a unique opportunity if we bring these things together in the right way; to understand and recognise and appreciate the difference between the phone and the PC with the new user interface metaphor that we are bringing to these phones

"I'm enthusiastic about the direction we're headed. It's a big step but together with top talent inside Microsoft and the best talent that we get a chance to work with like Orange and AT&T and others, we really get a chance to have a major impact on the market."

"We've talked about a strategy that said 'three screens and the cloud' and the phone is absolutely one of critical screens. Phone, PC, TV.

"Our PC position keeps rolling along with the reception the market's had with Windows 7 and we hope 7 is our lucky number and that Windows Phone 7 will have the same type of positive reaction."

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