Apple's minimalist iPhone 5S allegedly takes 600 workers to build

Foxconn worker
The S doesn't stand for simplified

Apple is known for being a minimalistic company, but the number of assembly line workers it takes to build an iPhone is becoming increasingly complex.

The more intricate iPhone 5S is said to have 600 assembly workers on each production line at Foxconn manufacturing facilities, according a report by the Wall Street Journal.

"We have been churning out about 500,000 iPhone 5Ss everyday, the highest daily output ever," said an unnamed Foxconn executive to the paper.

By comparison, the less complicated, Touch ID-lacking iPhone 5 and the unapologetically plastic iPhone 5C are said to need 100 fewer workers. That's still a staggering 500 people per production line.

Wait times drop

With around-the-clock assembly lines producing one million iPhone 5S units every two days, the wait times for the new iPhone have dropped significantly.

You can now find an iPhone 5S in just about every Apple Store and it's available to ship within three to five business days online after quickly selling out at launch.

Even the once-precious gold model is readily available thanks to Foxconn's 500,000 a day figure, which is said to have put the plant at full capacity.

The supply has caught up to demand so much that we're starting to see certain retailers drop the price of the more expensive iPhone 5S ahead of Black Friday deals.

Matt Swider