Android 7.0 Nougat wants to make it easier to switch from iOS

Android Nougat
Android Nougat has a new setup option.

With both Google and Apple looking to lock users into their own ecosystems, switching from one platform to the other isn't as hassle-free as you might hope - but it looks like the latest 7.0 release of Android brings with it some tools to help.

The newly released Nougat mobile OS lists "An iPhone or iPad device" as one of the setup options when you start it on a new device, Android Police has spotted. That in turn takes you to the URL on the web, which has actually been live for a while now.

Unfortunately, as you'll know if you've ever tried to do it, getting your iTunes music, Apple email and everything else over to Google's equivalent services isn't always simple, even with Google guiding you through the process. There are five steps to getting contacts from iCloud to Google, for example.

A switch in time

With Google's cross-platform approach to apps, you're really best off using Google's services on an iPhone if you suspect you might one day want to switch to Android. However, if you're already invested in Apple's apps, Nougat's new option should help.

Switching from Android to iOS is much easier, and Apple already helps you do it with a dedicated app that works mostly automatically - Google has built its email, contacts and calendar platforms to be more friendly to other apps and operating systems.

If you've considering buying a brand new Nougat device to replace your iPhone then the new setup option will make life easier for you, but Google's switching guide applies to other versions of Android too. Unfortunately there are some things - like iTunes movies - that you just can't bring over.

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