Amazon releases Cloud Player app for iPhone, iPod touch

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Amazon Cloud Player finally arrives on the iPhone with a free app

Better late than never, Amazon finally released an iOS client for its Cloud Player service, allowing iPhone 4S and iPod touch owners to both stream and download their content from the cloud.

Amazon Cloud Player marks a departure from the company's HTML5 mobile-enhanced web app, which allows playing music tracks without DRM copy protection directly from the e-tailer's cloud storage locker.

The free Cloud Player app for iPhones and iPod touch allows both streaming and downloading of stored content, with the ability to both create and manage playlists that are also stored in the cloud.

From cloud to player

"Customers tell us that they want access to all of their music, wherever they are, and on all of the devices they use," said Steve Boom, Vice President of Digital Music for Amazon.

"By bringing Cloud Player to iPhone and iPod touch, we now have the most widely compatible cloud playback solution available, giving our customers the ability to buy once and enjoy their music everywhere."

Amazon Cloud Player includes 5GB of free storage, which customers can use to upload their own DRM-free MP3 or AAC music files.

Purchases made through Amazon's MP3 store can optionally be stored free of charge in Cloud Player, with the added benefit that such files won't consume available space.

The Amazon Cloud Player app, now available for download from the App Store, also works just fine on the iPad, but since it's not a universal app, there is no native support for the larger screen.