A GALAXY of music in your pocket

We should point out that Spotify Premium users on mobile must pay a £9.99 monthly subscription fee for this rather wonderful privilege – but it's certainly worth it.


7. Essential music apps no. 2: Shazam

Another must-have app – recommended by My GALAXY – is Shazam. Frankly, the first time you use Shazam, it will seem more like sorcery than an Android app.

If you're out and about, and like the sound of a song that is playing, just launch Shazam, and it will tell you what that song is. Bosh!


8. Essential music apps no. 3: SoundCloud

Next up there's SoundCloud. This music-sharing service has really taken off in recent years, and has become the first port of call for musicians looking to test out reactions to their latest musical epics. It's also stuffed with some of the finest DJ sets ever.

Most of its content can only be streamed, but artists are able to set it so you can download tracks. It is, undoubtedly, the go-to place for discovering new music.


9. Essential music apps no. 4: TuneIn Radio

Another joy of the digital age is the way in which the entire world of radio can be accessed from the web.

And if you want to add that ability to your GALAXY S4 or Note 3, we would suggest that you download TuneIn Radio. Like SoundCloud, this app lets you stream, and not just selections of individual artists' tracks, but also a bewildering cornucopia of radio stations from around the world.


10. Control your music with GALAXY Gear

Once you're happy with the music library on your GALAXY Note 3, you can add the final flashy touch – guaranteed to impress your friends – by teaming your phone up with the amazing Samsung GALAXY Gear, an item straight out of the world of science-fiction.

It may look like a watch, but it's a companion device designed to let you access everything on your GALAXY Note 3 from your wrist, as well as conduct hands-free calls, pick up text messages and more, all without removing your phone from your pocket.

One of the GALAXY Gear's coolest features is the ability to control the music playing on your GALAXY Note 3 merely by touching your wrist. If you fancy yourself as a dedicated gadget-lover, the GALAXY Gear is, quite simply, a must-have.