12 must-have features we want to see in iPhone 3.0

10. Voice dialling
Another standard phone feature that Apple seemed to miss out. Some people are obsessed with voice dialling, and it's certainly something we expected to see in the iPhone 3G. Now's surely the time?

11. Push notifications
Most pundits seem to have this one chalked up as a certain inclusion. So do we – not least because Apple talked it up at WWDC last year as an alternative to background apps.

12. More sideways action
More apps should be able to be viewed in landscape and should also use the landscape keyboard, too. Top of our list is Mail, which some believe badly needs the sideways keyboard.

And the stuff we don't want...

1. MMS
Why would we want MMS capabilities on a phone that's so set up for email? Granted, sending a picture isn't as simple when combined with emailing, and many of our friends won't have such easy access to their mail on their phone, but given that most of us barely ever use MMS, it seems pointless to bundle it in.

2. No tone customisation
We've heard a rumour, a very bad rumour, that tone customisation could be possible on the new iPhone software. While this is more likely to be available as an App rather than as standard on the phone, the sheer possibility makes us weep when we think of what can happen should you combine a chav, a bus and iPhone customised tones.

3. Flash video playback
We understand that everyone wants this on the iPhone, and let it be said, we do too... just not on the iPhone 3G, as we're not convinced it has the grunt to perform web tasks well with Flash. While Apple has been wrangling with Adobe over its inclusion, the fact is it would very likely slow down and clog up Safari... we'd prefer a slick experience over jerky Flash any day. Plus, there's already a dedicated YouTube client to give us our video fix anyway.



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