10 Snapchat achievements we want to see

A burger on Snapchat

Everyone does achievements now, even Snapchat. The app's latest update has introduced a hidden "trophy case" feature suggesting it's preparing to launch a new achievements feature very soon.

It's only on iOS right now and it's hidden away - probably because the icons appear to be a bit broken right now - but includes things like "Send 10 Snaps with front facing flash on".

But what other Snapchat achievements might we expect to see? We had a think and decided on the top 10 achievements we think are most likely to appear in Snapchat.

You've actually discovered Discover

Trophy: Deerstalker hat

Snapchat made a big fanfare when it launched its Discover content. It started hosting real editorial content from the likes of Sky News, Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed, but the problem is that no one really knows it's there. Enough so that Snapchat has even had to move it forward to the Stories tab.

Congrats on not sending a dick pic

Trophy: Eggplant emoji

For once, how about not pulling down your pants? No, stop it. How about a nice photo of some flowers? Or a sunset? Everyone likes sunsets. Wait, why are you fiddling with your belt? WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU!?

You realised there's a rear-facing camera

Trophy: Magic Mirror from Snow White

Did you know Snapchat isn't just for selfies? As soon as you discover you can use the rear camera as well as your front-facing, self obsessed option you'll get a little achievement.

We get it, you go places in the car

Icon: The golden seatbelt

Send 10 snaps of you in the car with your seatbelt on. Include a tagline like "On my way for Pizza" or "Heading to Dave Matthews concert" for extra respect.

You've taken a screenshot

Trophy: Pervert hiding in a bush

Everyone knows Snapchat is made for nudity so there's bound to be a reason to screenshot the snaps sent to you. Snapchat will know when you want to save that naked pic, and you'll get a little reward.

I only use Snapchat ironically

Trophy: A picture of a school with a strikethrough it because you're too cool for it

Description: It's ok, we get it. You just downloaded it to "see what all the fuss is about". The ironic thumbs up and disingenuous grin convey as much. "Is this how I Snapchat?" you ask in your tagline, oh joker of the pack.

You've helped make Snapchat money

Trophy: Huell from Breaking Bad

Snapchat has over 16.5 million daily users at the last count. We don't know how any of these will actually help the company make money, and neither does the company itself, but if you do you'll be congratulated by everyone's favourite minor character.

The neverending story

Trophy: 10 books emojis

Your Snapchat story was so messy and convoluted it made True Detective Season 2 look coherent. It was also long as hell. Please take this award and think about your behaviour. Literally no one wants a blow-by-blow account of your night out, probably not even your parents.

You lost important information

Trophy: Crying emoji

Snapchat has a…well, a chat option. But do you really want to use that when it deletes itself whenever you leave the window? All those important details you've learned are lost forever. Just like how we'll all inevitably die and turn into dust.

You're wasting your artistic talent on this app

Trophy: Despair

Seriously, you're actually quite good at this drawing thing. Maybe think of doing it for a career. Please also accept this icon of a tiny paintbrush for your efforts. However the app isn't intelligent enough to properly identify good art, so the person who draws dicks on everything probably also has one. Sorry.

James Peckham

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