Facebook Messenger and Spotify team up to make sharing music easier

Facebook Messenger Spotify

Facebook is rolling out Spotify integration into its Messenger app, which should make it much easier to get a song stuck in a friend's head.

A little different than the integration of Uber late last year, the new update essentially saves you the trouble of leaving the Messenger app, letting you jump straight to the Spotify app from within Messenger to choose a song or playlist to share.

It's easier than having to launch the Spotify app separately to then copy-paste back into Messenger, but it is a little less seamless than the Uber integration, as you still need the Spotify app.

To share a song from Messenger, select the "More" tab while in a conversation thread with someone or within a group, then select the Spotify option. This will take you to the Spotify app, where you can select the song or playlist that you wish to share, which will then bring you back to the Messenger app.

The person you're sharing your tunes with will receive a Spotify link. Hitting the small 'open' button, which you'll find almost hidden away on the bottom right corner under the song image, will launch the Spotify app and start playing the song.

On the other hand, if you aren't in the middle of a conversation, you could always just share songs or playlists through your Spotify app instead. To do so, select the Share option within the app, select Send To and then Facebook Messenger.

The Spotify update for Messenger will be available on both iOS and Android starting today, and best of all, you don't need to have a premium subscription to Spotify to use the new feature.