3G iPhone looms as Far-Eastern versions prepped


The 3G iPhone is so obviously going to arrive soon, it hardly qualifies as rumour anymore, but we'll still bring you the latest pointers to next-gen nirvana anyway.

Countries that haven't yet been blessed with a 2G model are a pretty good bet for being near the front of the 3G queue, so the news that iPhone handwriting recognition software for Chinese and Japanese has been spotted adds to the case.

Korean too

Throw in Korean firm Diotek's new iPhone version of its Windows Mobile DioPen scribble-reading application and 3G from Apple is all-but nailed on.

Remember, Japan has no GSM network, so any iPhone there has to use a 3G standard, probably W-CDMA.

Lastly, if you needed any convincing, T-Mobile Austria has let slip that it will be testing a UMTS iPhone shortly. A loose-lipped spokesperson even said Austria will be "among the first countries in the world with the UMTS iPhone." Nuff said.