Philips Hue Adore is a bathroom mirror with Alexa and Google Assistant integration

After embedding smart lights in every traditional form factor on the market, Philips is ready to start chasing some of the more exotic locations it can stick its light technology. The first stop of this train ride? The bathroom mirror. 

Dubbed the Philips Hue Adore, Philips’ smart mirror is IP44 rated - giving it the ability to resist a splash of water - and it comes included with a dimmer switch. 

Unlike the company’s popular Hue Ambience or Hue Go lights, the Adore will only be capable of turning shades of white, similar to the basic Hue White bulbs - so unfortunately that club-styled neon-heavy bathroom remodel you had in mind will have to wait.

The last feature worth pointing out is its ability to connect to smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri through compatible smart speakers and devices. The caveat here, though, is that you’ll need to have a Hue Bridge hub somewhere in your home for the Adore to connect to. 

Once connected to the Bridge, the Adore can be used in Alexa voice commands and routines, controlled via Google Asssitant and connected to Apple’s HomeKit app. 

The Adore will be available in the US and Europe in August with pre-orders expected to go live soon. When it does, expect the Adore to cost £229.99 (around $300, AU$400).

Source: Philips Home Hue

Nick Pino

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