Oppo's foldable phone design spotted on a patent website

Oppo X 2021
(Image credit: Oppo)

Amidst reports of Oppo preparing for an early 2021 launch of its premium flagship range under the Oppo Find X4 series, we now hear that the company might also be readying its first foldable device. Not the one it had teased as a concept, but the rollable smartphone around much hype was built earlier this year. 

Dubbed the Oppo X2021, the rollable smartphone was also not heard of beyond the early testing by some select media (including TechRadar). Now, rumors have once again started around Oppo actually coming out with a foldable phone, which a report in 91Mobiles claims could be launching in November itself. 

Now the same team has spotted a new patent filing by Oppo with the CNIPA where the images submitted appear quite similar to the prototype that was shared earlier this year. 

The power button and the volume buttons are located to the right of the device, as the left side is what extends into the exterior display of the foldable phone. Which means the device would come with an external folding display, much like what we have seen on the Huawei Mate X series. 

The images also indicate a vertical camera module with the size indicating a triple lens design. There is also the SIM tray visible at the top of the patent designs with a Type-C charging port and speakers visible at the bottom. 

In other words, the patent design appears to perfectly fit the rumors that have been going around for close to six months around this foldable device. Of course, it is over a year since Oppo teased the device and one year is quite a long time for final designs to have undergone some changes. 

Foldable phone images available at CNIPA

(Image credit: China Patent Office)

Which is why we would take these patent designs with a pitch of salt, though it may be a distinct possibility that the images indeed represent our first look at Oppo's much-hyped foldable smartphone. 

Another interesting fact is that rumors of a foldable phone began around the time when the Oppo Find X3 series was going official. The timing appears to synchronize once again.  We now have reliable tips floating around the Oppo Find X4 claiming that the new series could have come with 125W charging speeds, which double that of its predecessor. 

It looks like Oppo is continuing its juggle from last year between the premium and the super premium devices. 

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