Oppo's first Android tablet looks like a tempting iPad Air rival

Oppo Reno 6
The corner of the Oppo Reno 6 (Image credit: Future)

Rumors point to Oppo launching its first Android tablet very soon - people think it'll come alongside the Find X5 series on February 24, though we don't know that for sure - and the biggest leak yet has provided us some imagery of the tablet.

This comes from a leaker posting on Chinese social media platform Weibo, who shared hands-on imagery of the slate. They also mentioned that it'll be called the Oppo Pad, and will be compatible with a stylus and keyboard folio, with one of the images showing the latter in use.

The pictures don't show us too much, but tablets don't exactly vary wildly in appearance. It looks like an iPad Air 4, with thin bezels, one rear camera and a sleek design.

Some could call the appearance divisive though, as part of the rear is filled up with the word Oppo repeated in large, oddly positioned letters, and it all looks a bit weird.

Analysis: a true iPad Air rival

Apple rules the tablet roost, but while loads of companies try to put out super-premium slates to rival the iPad Pro, we see fewer brands attempt to rival the mid-range iPad Air.

The Oppo Pad could be that rival though - it has a sleek-looking build, a single rear camera, and compatibility with standard workfare accessories. That list of tick-boxes seems very similar to the iPad Air.

We'll have to wait for a price to see if the tablet really is a mid-range Android rival to the iPad Air, but early leaks make it seem promising.

Tom Bedford

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