Oppo Find X3 confirmed for 2021, and it could have the best screen of any phone

Oppo Find X2
Oppo Find X2 (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Oppo Find X3, Oppo's next flagship series, has been name-dropped by the company - that's pretty big news in itself, but compared to the context of this information, it's nothing.

While most details around the phone are scarce, as part of its Inno Day 2020, where it shows off its new innovations, the company unveiled its 'Full-Path Color Management System'. This tech is set to debut on the brand's next flagship, and it could bring huge improvements in the screen department.

The Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro were two of the best phones of 2020, with lots of our praise going to the fantastic display tech which made viewed content look great. However, those phones might pale in comparison to the Find X3.

Oppo wants to take it a notch higher by being the first Android manufacturer to offer a color management system that supports the full DCI-P3 wide gamut as well as 10-bit color depth across capturing, storage and display. 

Basically, it should improve the viewing experience with way more colors and better accuracy, whether you're viewing a photo you took or a downloaded movie on your phone.

The strength of this new Color Management System is that it ensures visuals don't get compressed or tweaked during an image's journey to your phone screen. For example, if you're downloading a Netflix movie, the system makes sure the color fidelity remains strong when you stream the video, when the phone computes, encodes and stores the movie, and also when the device decodes and displays it. 

There are many steps in the chain and Oppo's new tech makes sure there's no weak link that makes an image look worse than it was intended to.

Super-display tech

The color management system also extends to image capture, using a hardware-software combination along with improvements such as distortion correction, multi-frame noise reduction and super-resolution. This should make photos look even better than on the Find X2 phones.

An intriguing addition is that the Find X3 will apparently offer deeper customization to allow users to customize the picture profile as per their own preferences. If you like a really warm screen, or a cold-looking display, you should have more options to tweak that.

If you're not very tech-minded, what all this means is that the Oppo Find X3 could end up making movies, TV shows, games, online videos and more way better than it'd look on another phone.

However, it's a bit early for us to be getting our hopes too high, as the phone is likely still a few months away, and we'll need to test this tech before we give it any high accolades. The Oppo Find X3 is expected in February 2021 and maybe leaks will start to ramp up surrounding it now the company has confirmed its existence.

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