OnePlus 10T could lose a popular OnePlus phone feature

The OnePlus 10 Pro with its alert slider
The OnePlus 10 Pro with its alert slider (Image credit: Future)

With the OnePlus 10T coming pretty soon, we've started to hear leaks about the upcoming Android phone - but the latest one isn't great news for fans of OnePlus and its phones.

Renders have leaked via site SmartPrix, though they come from reputable leaker OnLeaks so seem pretty reliable. They show the newest OnePlus phone from a few different angles - but show a big gap where an important feature is missing.

While the OnePlus 10T looks a lot like the OnePlus 10 Pro in many ways - it has a nearly identical-looking camera bump, for example - it doesn't have an alert slider like the Pro version and many previous phones from the brand.

An alert slider is a physical slider that lets you easily turn your phone into vibrate, silent or full volume mode, which saves you unlocking the phone and jumping into the quick-settings menu every time you need to change this setting.

It's a feature that loads of OnePlus phone fans love - it's also something that you see on iPhones, though when it comes to Android, you'll generally only see it on OnePlus phones.

Analysis: a surprising feature to drop

OnePlus' T series usually takes the form of slightly modified and improved versions of the standard numbered models - though the 10T's lack of a 'Pro' title makes its position compared to the existing phone obvious.

So we'd expect the OnePlus 10T to lose some features from the Pro, but the alert slider is an odd thing to lose. This is a feature that's popular with fans of the company, so lots of people who might consider buying the phone will be looking for the slider.

Bear in mind that these early renders may just have slight errors, which may explain the disappearing slider, but Onleaks does have a good reputation.

We'll just have to wait and see when the OnePlus 10T lands, or otherwise fans of the alert slider will have to stick to the iPhone 14.

Tom Bedford

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