One of the world's best Garmin watches just got its first big discount on Amazon

Garmin Venu 2S deal
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One of the best Garmin watches available today, the Garmin Venu 2S, has hit its lowest ever price on Amazon. Right now, you can pick up the Venu 2S for just £314.49 – a saving of over £35 off the usual asking price, and the first major discount for this watch since its launch in April this year.

The Venu 2S wasn't included in last month's Amazon Prime Day sales, so this is your best chance to snag it for such a low price. We anticipate it'll go back up again soon, so don't hang around if you're on the fence.

If you're not in the UK, scroll down for the best running watch deals in your area.

Garmin Venu 2S:£349.99£314.49 at Amazon

Garmin Venu 2S: £349.99 £314.49 at Amazon
This is the first significant discount for one of Garmin's best new watches, knocking 10% off the regular asking price. This deal applies to the soft gold model, which comes with a light sand coloured silicone wrist band (other colours are still full price).

The Venu 2S is a slightly smaller version of the Venu 2, with all the same features packed into a case measuring 40mm in diameter rather than 45mm. When we reviewed it, we were particularly impressed by its bright AMOLED display, which really sets it apart from other running watches in the same price band, and has a super high resolution that allows you to see detailed stats, graphs and even diagrams of the muscles in your body so you can track which groups you've been working and plan your workouts accordingly.

It also offers on-board GPS (which proved extremely accurate in our tests), music storage for hundreds of tracks, ANT+ connectivity for cycling computers and heart rate monitors, sleep tracking and more – all of which is presented clearly on the watch itself, and is gathered together in the Garmin Connect mobile app.

More running watch deals

If you're looking for a tougher running watch for off-road adventures, you can also get a great deal on the Polar Grit X at Amazon right now. At £314.99, it's not the absolute lowest price we've ever seen, but it's very close and represents a saving of £38 off the RRP. Stock is limited, so snap it up while you can.

Polar Grit X:£349.99£313.44 at Amazon

Polar Grit X: £349.99 £313.44 at Amazon
Amazon has knocked a healthy £38 off this super tough off-road running watch right now. We've seen it marginally cheaper before, but only by £2. This deal applies to the model with the white band – black and green are still full price.

If the Grit X doesn't appeal, or you live outside the UK, here's a selection of other great running watch deals available right now.

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