One of the best Oculus Quest 2 games just got even better

(Image credit: Oculus/SuperHot VR)

Superhot VR, one of the most accessible and enjoyable virtual reality games, is getting a super-smooth 120Hz mode on the Oculus Quest 2.

The action game, which sees enemies only move and attack you as you do, giving you time to plan Matrix-like slow-motion assassinations, is adding experimental support for for the high-refresh rate setting.

This should, in theory, make for a much more pleasant play experience, for a game that was already top of its class when it came to VR comfort. Moving objects should look smoother, and the game space itself more grounded, thanks to the update. The Superhot Team do stress, however, that this is an experimental option, and that players should switch it off should they run into any bugs or glitches.

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Smooth running

120Hz support for select Oculus Quest 2 titles started rolling out in April, with an update to the 3D puzzler Cubism.

The mode takes advantage of the additional processing power of the Oculus Quest 2, over its predecessor the original Oculus Quest, to push more frames out per second while playing, making motion seem more lifelike and smooth in the headset.

It is, however, a demanding feature, and so few games may be able to take advantage of it – especially graphically intense games that were already pushing the hardware to its limits. As a result, not all existing games will be able to retroactively add support for 120Hz mode – though we may find more titles built from the ground up with 120Hz in mind in the future. 

Either way, it's excellent to see Facebook choosing not to rest on its laurels with the already-excellent Quest 2, and finding more ways to deliver innovative experiences with what has already quickly become our favourite virtual reality headset.

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