One Apple iPhone 15 model could be cheaper than we were expecting

The iPhone 14 Plus from the back, held in a hand
The iPhone 14 Plus hasn't been selling well (Image credit: Future)

Price cuts on gadgets are always good news for consumers, and it would seem that the iPhone 15 could be in line for one if the latest leak can be believed: apparently Apple is considering cutting the pricing of the iPhone 15 Plus due to launch in September.

This comes from reputable online source Yeux1122 on South Korean social network Naver (via Macworld). The move is apparently being given serious consideration, and would be made in response to underwhelming sales of the current Plus model.

The iPhone 14 Plus that was unveiled with the rest of the family earlier this year has a starting price of $899 / £949 / AU$1,579 for the 128GB version, but it doesn't appear to be attracting buyers in the numbers that Apple would like.

A tale of four phones

While canceling the Plus model would be an option for Apple, it's likely that development on the iPhone 15 is too far down the line for that to happen. A price cut on the handset that replaced the iPhone 13 mini would be the next most logical step.

It's worth bearing in mind that the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers the same screen size as the Plus, but adds in features like a faster chip, the Dynamic Island and the always-on display for another $200 / £250 / AU$320 – which makes it the better deal.

As yet there's no indication of how big the price cut could be, or how it might affect the pricing of the other models in the range. We've also been hearing that Apple could introduce a more powerful, more expensive iPhone 15 Ultra next year too.

Analysis: getting the pricing right

Pricing is always key for any smartphone: the best cheap phones may not have the fastest chips or the best screens, but they cost substantially less than the premium flagships on the market, and so still represent good value for money.

As for Apple's iPhone series, for the last few years the Pro models have been the handsets with the most appeal. That's even more the case with the iPhone 14 Pro, because the less expensive models come with last year's A15 Bionic chip inside.

Buyers of the iPhone 14 are getting a phone that's slower than the Pro, with a camera system that's not quite as good, and without several other cool features. Okay it's cheaper, but there aren't a lot of other reasons to prefer it over the Pro.

We'll have to wait and see what Apple does in 2023, bearing in mind that it has the budget iPhone SE (2022) on sale as well. Next year could be the year when Apple's flagship phone gets closer to mid-range pricing than ever before.

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