Oculus Touch charging station is a neat fix for a ridiculous design problem

The Oculus Touch controllers that complete the Oculus Rift VR headset package are easily the best virtual reality controllers currently available. Comfortable and intuitive to use, their built-in sensors enable them to track more complex gestures with your digits than rival gear accompanying the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR can manage.

But they do come with a point of major frustration. Whereas the controllers for those rival headsets are rechargeable, the Oculus Touch controllers require removable AA batteries.

Now a neat, and surprisingly affordable solution is being offered by US retailer Best Buy and its hardware brand Insignia – an Oculus Touch charging station that also includes rechargeable battery packs for the controllers.

Simple solution

Oculus Touch controllers have slide-off covers in their handle grips, under which the batteries can be placed. The Insignia charging station includes modified cover slots and rechargeable batteries that have contact points, letting them be re-juiced when sat in the stand.

Each battery takes three hours to charge, allowing for 10 continuous hours of play time between charges.

Best of all, it's surprisingly affordable, costing just $29.99 (about £22 / AU$40). While Best Buy only serves US customers, its charging station is the first device of its kind that we've seen, elegantly fixing the biggest sticking point with the controllers. As such, until an international brand comes up a better solution, Oculus owners outside the US may well think it's worth importing one.

Gerald Lynch

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