Nothing Phone (1) may come with a similar form factor to Apple's iPhone

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Nothing Phone (1) may come in an all too familiar design according to a sneak peek at the device. As we all know, the mid-range smartphone will retail on Flipkart in India and there is already a dedicated product page too. Recently, the e-commerce site updated the carousel banners with a new marketing campaign for the Nothing Phone (1). The company has been using nature-themed references for its devices. While it was ants for the Nothing Ear (1), the phone has been designed “with warmth, intention and joy” like parrots. From the banner that has been posted, it looks like parrots are the props used for the product photoshoots.

In the banner, a pair of Blue Bubi Budgerigars can be seen sitting on what seems to be the top of the Nothing Phone (1). We do get to see a small section of the camera lens at the bottom left of the banner. The bigger details that have emerged from the latest images are the Nothing Phone (1) form factor and the frame.

Nothing Phone (1) banner updated on Flipkart shows sneak peek at smartphone

(Image credit: Flipkart)

The smartphone looks like it could come with a similar frame to the current iPhone lineup. Nothing had teased the smartphone with glyphs that highlighted the camera. And we do have to admit that they’ve taken inspiration from the iPhone X. Now, that the chassis has also been unveiled, it will be interesting to see what else from Apple’s products will come to the device.

The curved edges and the Nothing OS UI that was showcased in the initial announcements do hint at a tall device. We also can expect the smartphone to come with a metallic frame. The images also show the antenna lines as well. Again, these do look eerily similar to the iPhone.

NothingOS experience is crucial

It’s become a common trend for most manufacturers to take inspiration or copy the designs of other smartphones. And some of us are just used to this trend. What would really make Nothing Phone (1) a success would be the same reason that OnePlus was loved by its users: the OS.

NothingOS is proud of the fact that it is open to being compatible with Google’s Android as well as the Apple ecosystem. But, promises aren’t enough. So far, the company’s NothingOS launcher is the only way users can get a small experience of the UI. You also get a peek into the available wallpapers.

When it comes to the hardware, the Nothing Phone (1) could sport one of Qualcomm’s flagship chipsets like the Snapdragon 888+ or the 780G launched last year. We could also expect an AMOLED display with up to 120Hz high refresh rates.

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