Nothing Phone (1) could steal some OnePlus 10 Pro thunder tomorrow

Three homepage screenshots from the Nothing Phone on an orange background
(Image credit: Nothing)

Thanks to a recent announcement event we now know more than nothing about the Nothing Phone (1), but there’s still a whole lot that we don’t know, and some of that could be revealed imminently.

Nothing’s official Twitter account has teased that we’ll see “(1) more thing” tomorrow (April 1) – words that are a reference to Apple’s famous “one more thing” that it sometimes sticks at the end of events.

What could this one more thing be? Well, the text is accompanied by an image of the bottom edge of a phone – presumably the Nothing Phone (1), but this is actually our first look at the handset, so we don’t have anything to compare it to.

So this in itself is new information, showing us a USB-C port, speaker grilles, a curved screen, and what looks to be a metal frame. Standard smartphone stuff then.

But this focus on the charging port suggests that we’ll probably be hearing something to do with the charging of the phone. Perhaps the charging speed or the battery size. Since speaker grilles are also visible there’s a chance this announcement will be something audio related, but that seems less likely.

And that’s all we can say for now. We don’t even know what time Nothing will be revealing this one more thing, but as soon as the announcement is made, we’ll let you know – assuming it’s anything remotely of note, and not just an April fools’ joke, which given the date we can't rule out.

Analysis: what we know so far

Nothing is dragging out the unveiling of its first smartphone, so all we really know so far is that it will have a partially-transparent back, a Snapdragon chipset, and software dubbed NothingOS, which will run on top of Android.

The full unveiling is likely still months away, but it’s looking like we could get a drip-feed of information between now and then, much like we often get from OnePlus – which is no coincidence, since the founder of Nothing (Carl Pei) also co-founded OnePlus.

It seems almost fitting then that this new information is arriving just a day after the global launch of the OnePlus 10 Pro, but it remains to be seen whether this mystery phone will tempt away OnePlus fans.

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