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Nokia watches and health devices could soon be owned by Withings again

Nokia bought and re-branded Withings a couple of years ago, but the company is now preparing to sell Withings back to its co-founder, Éric Carreel, so the likes of the Nokia Steel HR and Nokia Go could soon be Withings-branded again.

A sale of Nokia’s health business has been in the works for a while, with Nest and Samsung both recently rumored to be considering acquiring it prior to the announcement that Carreel would be the buyer.

We don’t know yet exactly what the sale will mean for the Nokia Health brand, and whether or not the Withings name will be revived.

Nokia for its part plans to focus on becoming a business-to-business and licensing company.

Not yet final

It’s worth noting that the deal hasn’t yet been finalized, so it could still fall through, but Nokia currently expects to close the deal in late quarter two, so probably sometime in June.

This may mean we’ll start to see new wearables, smart scales and other devices from what used to be Withings, which hasn’t made many new products since joining Nokia, but there are no announcements about that just yet.

Via Engadget