Nokia believes its fitness trackers will one day become your friends

Nokia wants its fitness eco-system to one day become as useful as your friends or a personal trainer when you're working out.

Head of Nokia Digital Health Rob Le Bras-Brown told TechRadar exclusively for our Fitness Week, "Our app is called Mate… it should be your mate. You could say, ‘I want to lose five pounds, get a six-pack and add 10 years to my life’. Each time you go back to it, I want it to get more sticky and more bespoke to you. 

“My aspiration is to get to a place where it doesn’t feel like you’re interacting with a machine. I want it to be like you’re talking with a mate who has your back. It knows my needs, my weaknesses, and it helps me navigate those."

One day, this may become a possibility, but it's not something the company is going to be able to offer in its next update. He continued, "I think with machine learning and some of the AI capabilities Nokia has, that’s not an unreasonable place for us to get to."

Check out the rest of this interview - including why the company won't be releasing new trackers anytime soon and the importance of its partnership with Apple - within our TechRadar Fitness Week coverage.

James Peckham

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